Farmer testimonial United Kingdom

Farmer Clive Bailye from the West Midlands (UK) talks about the use of cover crops on his farm. (Language English, subtitles: Dutch, English)

Farmer testimonial France

Pierre-Yves Brillant is a farmer based in La Selle-Craonnaise in Pays de la Loire. He stopped ploughing 15 years ago and practices direct seeding on his farm. He has 2 types of cover crops: inter-crop cover and permanent cover. Watch the video and discover the advantages of the direct seeding technique and the benefits of permanent cover crops.
(Language: French, subtitles: English)

Farmer testimonial France

Nicolas Favry is a farmer based in Nort-sur-Erdre in Pays de la Loire. He started to practice conservation agriculture to have a better nitrogen efficiency. He shares his experience about the challenges he faced and the benefits he sees.
(Language: French, subtitles: Dutch, French, English)

Farmer testimonial France

Farmer Mathilde Rouault (Brittany) talks about introducing cover crops. FAB measuers for transitioning to more agro-ecological methods. 
(Language: French, subtitles: English)

Farmer testimonial Luxembourg

Farmer Becker Marc talks about his experience with cover crops on his farm in Luxembourg. 
(Language: German, subtitles: Dutch, English, French, German) 

Farmer testimonial Flanders

Farmer Klaske Verf talks about her experience with cover crops on her farm in Belgium. 
(Language: Dutch, subtitles: Dutch, English) 

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