Masterclass - Mixed crops for forage

During this masterclass we focus on the use of mixed crops for forage production. Experts from the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg share their expertise on the establishment and harvest of herbal leys and fodder legumes.


  • Establishment of herbal leys an example from the UK by Kate Still (soil association)
  • Harvest of herbal leys, experiences from Flanders by An Schellekens (Hooibeekhoeve)
  • Mixtures of fodder legumes by Gilles Altmann (IBLA)

Webinar on herbal leys (English)

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society on feeding and grazing management of herbal leys.

In the fourth webinar of our herbal leys series, the panel will share practical farming experience of managing herbal leys, via short presentations and a Q&A session. The panel will include:

  • Dan Burdett, dairy farmer and Nuffield Scholar
  • Dave Davies, Silage Solutions Ltd
  • Sam Chesney, beef farmer, Northern Ireland 
  • Tom Tolputt, South West Farm Consultants

The topics will cover:

  • Managing herbal leys in a rotational vs mob grazing systems
  • How to get the best nutritional value -The do’s and the don’ts of ensiling
  • Practical experience and views from the panel on how to get the most out of herbal leys

All about herb-rich grassland in four videos

This video series features herb-rich grassland experts Wim Schippers, author of the practical guide 'Developing herb-rich grassland' and Rob Geerts, researcher at Wageningen University and Research and working for agricultural collective VALA. In four parts, they tell all about this topic. 1. What is herb-rich grassland? 2. Why is it indispensable? 3. How do you realise it? 4. Herb-rich grassland in the field. In the last video, dairy farmer Henry Steverink also has the floor to talk about how he applies his knowledge in practice. (Dutch)