Agriculteurs élèvent l'efficacité des ressources naturelles grâce à l'AgroBiodiversité Fonctionelle

Ce projet vise à réduire l'utilisation d'intrants extérieurs en encourageant l'utilisation de méthodes et d'interventions qui augmente l'AgroBiodiversité Fonctionnelle (FAB).

Upcoming activities

To get familiar with the possibilities of the FAB measures, we offer a series of activities to guide you: information sessions, demonstration activities, network sessions to share experiences…

Colorfull field margins are an example for Europe

About 500 kilometer of colorfull field margins grace the field in Hoeksch Waard, one of our pilot regions in the Netherlands. During ten years these flourishing margins are a concept in the entire country and beyond. It isn't only a feast for the eye, but also good for the liveability of people and animals.

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